Photo Credit: Ryan Chernikoff

Current Projects



Fiona's whimsical original songs contrast innocent, sweet melodies with lyrics that speak to a cynicism with the human experience. Be prepared to shout, clap, and sing along to feats of multi-instrumentalism and juggling.


Photo Credit: Michelle Bates



Songbooth Confessional

Initially, this project took the form of a traditional confessional, with the artist in one booth and a visitor (the lone audience member) in the other. Visitors to the booth are invited to vent, rage, confide, enumerate details about a pet project - or whatever else needs to be talked about. In return, Fiona  listens actively, asking questions, and then composes a song, singing the person their story so that they feel "heard." 

More recently, the Songbooth has taken other forms. For instance, visitors have been invited to write their ideas on a topic on a slip of paper for a large, combined piece (see "Videos") or speak into a microphone from a different part of the room.

The Songbooth represents is art produced FOR the consumer - the artist alone could not and would not create it.

Photo Credit: Alexander Tilley