Photo Credit: Ryan Chernikoff        Mime Day Spenard, August 2017.

about Fiona ROSE

Fiona Rose is a multi-disciplinary performance artist from Anchorage, Alaska. She performs regularly around town, most often as a musician, but also as a juggler, burlesque performer, emcee, auctioneer, actress, mime, extemporaneous songwriter, and in less definitive genres as well. Her music and art draw audience members into the creation and performance of the story. You can find her at open mic most Sundays at Van's Dive Bar. 

Fiona was born in Anchorage, and grew up playing music, most notably flute. In 2011, she unexpectedly met up with a touring vaudeville production in Talkeetna, Alaska called the New Old Time Chautauqua. Within two hours, she found herself parading onto stage with the marching band; within two days, she had joined their caravan. Since "running away with the circus," she has continued to hone her art around Alaska and beyond.